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Bringing together combined British and European designs, with a chic sculptured style and finish that will last you a lifetime.

  • Akita contemporary double-ended freestanding bath

    Akita Freestanding Bath

    A touch of nature with a solid oak wood base enabling any bathroom to have a sculptured look. Where hand crafted elegance blends with cutting edge technology.

  • Althorp

    Althorp Freestanding Bath

    The inspiration is relentless, the execution is cutting edge. The styling and refinement embodies the Royce Morgan philosophy of creating stunning and exclusive baths.

  • Bamburgh


    Misconception, traditional or modern, that is the optical illusion. This is the roll top version of the Woburn.

  • Barwick

    Barwick Freestanding Bath

    Inspired by our Italian designers, this exclusive masterpiece allows function and form to become one entity.

  • Blenheim

    Bleheim Freestanding Bath

    A double ended bath with a flat top finish gives a twist of a modern look. This chic and sophisticated design would grace any bathroom. The allure of sheer elegance.

  • Bolton contemporary double-ended freestanding bath

    Bolton Freestanding Bath

    Design without compromise, this exquisite masterpiece is the latest innovation in manufacturing technology. This bath can only be described as pure bathing indulgence.

  • Camber


    Establishes an entirely new vision of freestanding engineering, with a striking and individual sculpture, integrating straight lines and curves, offering an absolute incomparable bathing aura.

  • Chiswick


    Glamorous and desirable, with style that doesn’t compromise comfort and technology that doesn’t compromise hand craftsmanship.

  • Clarence contemporary double-ended freestanding bath


    Flamboyant European design with angular styling that will lift any bathroom into a new era. Pure exhilaration.

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