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These minimalist gems effortlessly integrate a blend of straight lines and curves, which are unique and refreshing, bringing sophistication to any bathroom.

  • Amber

    Amber Freestanding Bath

    Understated beauty, harmonising extravagance with a refreshing contentment. The inherent quality and smooth contoured lines integrate seamlessly giving a minimum of distraction with its demure and inspiring design.

  • Ebony

    Ebony Freestanding Bath

    Ebony is about luxury, indulgence and enjoyment; it is a feast for the senses as it reclines at the perfect angle with full head support offering maximum comfort and tranquility. Every curve is perfectly conceived with a seductive flow that incorporates a delicate allure and a sculptured distinction.

  • Graphite

    Graphite Freestanding Bath

    A synthesis of traditional craftsmanship, Graphite is a sumptuous and spacious bath, luxury in the finest tradition. With a combination of innovative design and exceptional hand-build expertise makes the Graphite a luxury bath without equal, integrating a tap platform that is striking and individual.

  • Moonstone

    Moonstone Freestanding Bath

    The soft contoured lines opens up a world of space and refinement with effortless grace making the pleasure of a long luxurious soak more desirable than ever. The curvaceous, fluid Moonstone bath makes an ideal architectural centrepiece for any bathroom.

  • Onyx


    Beautifully styled, the Onyx never fails to stir the soul with its unique effusion of gracefulness with a profound sensation of warmth and tranquility. Influenced from the Royce Morgan Bolton bath, the design of the Onyx is subtle, not attention seeking and has a profile that is lustrous and defined.

  • Opal

    Opal Freestanding Bath

    Royce Morgan imbues the Opal bath with understated elegance and graceful styling with its clean, simple superior lines. The effortless design is flawless and modest. Poise and comfort is an intoxicating mix; one which the Opal has naturally perfected.

  • Pearl


    Grandeur and lavish was our focus on developing this individual perception that brings to you the more attractive and suave design expression. For the experts that handcraft your bath, it is an obsession and an art. Details matter. Finish is everything. It all hints at the design and technology that are in reserve at all times.

  • Quartz


    One of the most precious stones, this bath constitutes charisma with soft symmetrical contoured lines. This simply stunning bath blends timeless traditions with contemporary design and the latest technology. The perfect fusion of handcrafted luxury ensures the remarkable Quartz bath creates an intrinsic revolution.

  • Ruby

    Ruby Freestanding Bath

    This thin edged conception creates a more refined approach influenced by the Royce Morgan Woburn bath. Delicately balancing a combination of serenity and panache. Question the ordinary in search of a surprising, long-lasting bathing experience, which exudes emotion. It is truly a work of art, made by individuals, for individuals.

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