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Bathing with peace of mind….

contemporary freestanding bathWhen buying your freestanding bath it is essential to make sure you are aware of all the facts. This is a significant purchase for most people and an expensive one to get wrong. As in many walks of life there is a wide and varied choice to be made but the old maxim “you pay for what you get” genuinely holds true.
Here are a few pointers to help you on the way:-

1.    Check to see if the bath is CE marked and compliant with EN 14516* to be fit for purpose and sale within the European Union
2.    If you are buying an acrylic bath make sure it is manufactured from Sanitary Grade Cross-Linked Cast Acrylic Sheet for strength, durability and toughness – not just any acrylic sheet!
3.    The weight of a bath is a good guide to its’ strength – in most cases, the lighter a bath is the thinner and weaker it will be
4.    The colour should match European Sanitaryware if being bought in the EU to ensure you have a beautifully coordinated bathroom
5.    Ask for written confirmation (from your supplier) of their answers to these points
Following this simple guidance will help you get the bath you deserve and give you:-
1.    Strength, durability and toughness to withstand frequent use
2.    Resistance to everyday wear and tear, stains and superficial scratches
3.    Resistance to ultra violet light and many household chemicals
4.    Colour will not fade over time
5.    Easy to clean and maintain surface finish
6.    Lightweight for easy installation
7.    Beautifully warm, smooth surface that feels comfortable against the skin
8.    Good thermal retention properties that hold the bathing temperature longer
*This standard specifies requirements, test methods and procedures for evaluation of conformity of baths used for domestic purposes and personal hygiene, which ensures that the product, when installed and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, will satisfy requirements for cleanability and durability within the European Union. This document is applicable to all sizes and shapes of baths.