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Bath Care

Information about your bath

  • Royce Morgan baths are made using two pieces of 5mm sanitary grade acrylic sheets.
  • Both the inner and outer acrylic skins are then reinforced using resin bonded glass fibre strands.
  • When the resin is cured it sets solid to give both acrylic skins an improved strength and rigidity.
  • They are both then coated with thermal sheets so that the water in the bath has a longer heat retention.
  • The inner and outer skins are then bonded together using a polyester based cast giving it a solid base.

How to care for your bath

  • It is recommended each time you use your bath, to cover the base of the bath with cold water
    before turning on the hot tap.
  • For everyday cleaning we recommend using a soft damp cloth or just warm soapy water.
  • You should never use abrasive cleaners on your bath, they will scratch the surface of the acrylic,
    which will affect the appearance of the glossy look.
  • If you do scratch your bath, we recommend using an enamel cleaning agent or car polish (T-Cut),
    this will help to restore your bath back to a lustre finish.
  • Replace worn washers on dripping taps to prevent surface marking.
  • Warning – Solvents such as paint stripper or nail varnish remover will damage the bath.

Please Note: We strongly recommend that you use a suitably qualified installer.
We cannot accept responsibility for incorrect installation.